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Non-profit Management -- Hone Your Leadership Skills

ZCAR 346 3120
Cost: $60

Sessions: 2-hours per class, Feb 4, 11, 18 - All classes are 6:00-8:00 pm

Today, what non-profit organizations do is vast, diverse, and invaluable to American life.  Nonprofits are the primary drivers of social change and the providers of a wide array of goods and services to a diverse group of individuals.  For non-profit organizations to effectively serve their client base, maintain their impact, and support ongoing relevance, it’s important for the leadership of the organization to be confident in understanding and implementing what is needed to manage their organization. This course has been developed to cover several subjects pertinent to the common operations and management of non-profit organizations.  The subject matter will include modules in such areas as communications, finance, governance, marketing, strategic planning, alliance building, social media and technology integration.  The series will be moderated by a combination of SCORE counselors and subject matter experts (SME’s).

An Electronic Handbook is included


Expert Advice to Kick Start Your Business

ZCAR 347 3120
Cost: $50

Sessions: 2-hours per class, Mar 5,12 - All classes are 6:00-8:00 pm

Is your business at a point where you need to take it to the next level? You know you should grow but don’t know how? Our experts will focus on what will be needed to strengthen the infrastructure to confidently move forward and grow. Developed and taught by local business professionals with direct, small business experience, this workshop provides strategies and insights on how to take your business to the next level. The curriculum for this three-week course is designed to focus on what you need to fine tune what you need from strategic planning to marketing in the information overload age.

An Electronic Handbook is included

Small Business Health & Sustainability

ZCAR 348 3120
Cost: $60

Sessions: 2-hours per class, Feb 25, Mar 3,10 - All classes are 6:00-8:00 pm

Of course, starting your own business is only the beginning. To truly watch your dream thrive, it’s imperative that you be proactive in the following areas to ensure your vision continues to grow.

Over the course of two sessions, we’ll look at:
● how to understand cash flow cycles and financial reporting;
● Working on your bookkeeping and revenue reporting
● safety, security, and contingency planning for your business;
● How to develop the talent and retention of your business;
● Develop market adaptability;
● and develop client connection and service excellence.

This course will help you to focus on your business to ensure its growth and sustainability.

An Electronic Handbook is included

How to Market Your Business Online

ZCAR 349 3120
Cost: $50

Sessions: 2-hours per class, Feb 6, 13 - All classes are 6:00-8:00 pm

There’s all sorts of opportunities to market your business online from Facebook Ads to Amazon Sponsorships.

What’s important to understand is how to determine which ad platform is right for your business. During this four-hour series of sessions will look at a variety of ad platforms like: Google, Facebook, Instagram, and Waze ads. It will look at the tools, tips and techniques to better market your business or organization through these ad platforms. We’ll discuss how to determine what platforms offer the best RIO for your business.

An Electronic Handbook is included

Developing a Comprehensive Business Plan

ZCAR 345 3120
Cost: $60

Sessions: 2-hours per class, Mar 16, 23, 30 - All classes are 6:00-8:00 pm

Planning is your map to success in the business world. This three-week course is a must for anyone starting a small business and buying, financing, or refinancing a small business. Taught by SCORE counselors, this step-by-step process will help you:

(1) move ideas from your head to paper in an organized, clear, and convincing manner;
(2) identify those key points that can make or break your chances of success;
(3) discover what critical points business lenders or private investors typically focus on; and
(4) avoid the most common mistakes in business planning and analysis.


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